Gastric Sleeve with a smart stapler

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Gastric Sleeve with a smart stapler
What does gastric sleeve mean?
Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical procedure that is very common nowadays. It involves removing a portion of the stomach. It is a simple and easy surgical procedure thanks to modern and advanced technology, and its goal is to reduce excess weight in people with morbid obesity, which affects their health and ability to perform daily tasks without any obstacles.
Why do some people go for the gastric sleeve?
As previously mentioned, the main goal of such surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach, reduce the amount of food typically consumed, and subsequently lose excess weight. The reason for the choice to reduce the size of the stomach is to overcome stomach expansion significantly beyond the normal due to several unhealthy habits in daily routine and diet, including:
Consuming foods that contain fats, carbohydrates, and any preservatives that cause inadequate satiety.
Not drinking enough water throughout the day reduces the efficiency of the body's organs, including stomach movement.
Consuming too many soft drinks causes stomach bloating, which causes the stomach to expand and increase in size.
Are there different types of gastric sleeve staplers?
Due to advanced technology, there are many different types of staplers, including:
1. Power staplers, or electronic staplers, can cut off a portion of the stomach by fixing the stapler from both sides and pressing it.
2. Smart staplers are the advanced type of stapler that determines the thickness and size of the stomach and the optimal shape of the stomach after gastric sleeve. The smart staple has several cartridges selected according to the part of the stomach being stapled.
Why do we choose sleeve gastrectomy with a smart stapler?
Sleeve gastrectomy with a smart stapler has many advantages in addition to being the best and latest technology. These advantages include:
The smart electronic stapler determines the thickness and volume of the entire stomach and its optimal shape after the gastric sleeve. The surgeon surveys the data and performs the gastric sleeve correctly based on it. Then the appropriate cartridge is determined to quantify and cut the stomach. The doctor can avoid many errors and problems during surgery with this data. The smart stapler for the gastric sleeve is the ideal solution and the best way to treat cases that fail to sleeve the stomach through conventional surgeries.
The smart stapler for the gastric sleeve is a significantly safer option, far from any complications and problems during surgery, as the staple cover is replaced for each patient.
The smart stapler for the gastric sleeve allows the doctor to use the Tristapler technique, which helps avoid bleeding problems completely.
The smart stapler for a gastric sleeve is an excellent choice because it prevents any leakage from the stomach. It also reduces stomach problems after gastric sleeve, such as reflux and pain.
The smart electronic stapler is characterized by moving and dealing electronically in all aspects, thus preventing human error and ensuring the required speed and efficiency.
What is the smart gastric sleeve stapler?
Since excess weight and obesity can pose a significant risk to the patient's health, obese patients undergo gastric sleeve surgery to remove a portion of the stomach and reduce its size. Therefore, they do not consume as much food as before, leading to weight loss.
One of the steps in gastric sleeve surgery is stapling the stomach using a stapler that has evolved with technology to become what is known as a smart stapler, which is one of the safest staplers.
The smart stapler consists of two parts: the smart stapler and the cartridges. The cartridges come in three types, each with a specific thickness and length depending on when and where they are used during surgery.
Types of smart stapler cartridge:
Green: used in the thickest part of the stomach.
Yellow: used in the medium-thickness part of the stomach.
Blue: used in the thinnest part of the stomach.
The use of gastric cartridges during surgery depends on the efficiency and skill of the doctor, which is one of the factors of the success of gastric sleeve surgery using a smart stapler.
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