Gynecology and IVF

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Offers Of Gynecology and IVF

A video call with Dr. Ahmed Hussein

You can now consult with Dr. Ahmed Hussein, Assistant Professor and Consultant in Obstetrics and Gyne...

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70.00   USD
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Gynecology and IVF

ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

ICSI assists you in conception if you are struggling with infertility. The sperm fertilizes the egg outside the body, then embryos are transferred to the uterus after several days, which increases pregnancy chances.

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Infantile uterine enlargement

Infantile uterine enlargement in Egypt is now available for all cases suffering from infantile uterus, which is a congenital defect that cause miscarriage in the early months.

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Gynecological endoscopes

Diagnostic and therapeutic gynecological endoscopes offer safe, rapid, accurate gynecological procedures without pain or long recovery period.

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Hysteroscopy in Egypt is a simple and short surgical procedure used for the diagnosis or treatment of various gynecological diseases.

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Caesarean Section

A Caesarean section in Egypt is performed to deliver the fetus in certain medical condition and for women who prefer to avoid the pain of natural childbirth or to give birth on a specific day.

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