Laparoscopic SASI surgery

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Laparoscopic SASI surgery

What is the SASI procedure?
The SASI procedure is a combination of gastric sleeve and bypass surgeries. It has become one of the most important bariatric surgeries in Egypt and is still a relatively new procedure with a promising future in the field of bariatric surgery.
The SASI procedure helps obese patients to lose weight and cure diabetes by reducing the absorption of sugars and food.

Why is it called SASI?
The SASI procedure with laparoscopy is an abbreviation for Laparoscopic Single Anastomosis Sleeve Ileum Bypass. It combines gastric sleeve and bypass surgeries, which involve:
Gastric sleeve: About 80% of the stomach volume is removed, reducing the amount of food needed to satisfy the patient and resulting in gradual weight loss.
Gastric bypass: The first part of the small intestine is bypassed and connected to the sleeve.
As a result, there are two routes for food:
30% of the food follows its natural route (esophagus, stomach, intestines)
70% of the food follows the bypass route, reducing the absorption of sugars and nutrients.

You may wonder, what are the benefits of this?
We will explain the answer to you in the following lines.

SASI... provided a solution to the problem of vitamin deficiency:
Dear reader, you may realize that gastric sleeve and bypass surgeries require periods of taking vitamins to compensate for the nutritional elements that the body needs. Also, there is a reduction in the absorption of sugars and nutrients. 
The SASI procedure was developed and spread in Egypt to solve this problem, as food travels through two routes, one of which is the natural path where nutrients and vitamins are absorbed naturally and the body benefits from them. Consequently, there is no need to commit to taking vitamins after the surgery. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for those who have difficulty committing to taking medications.

Who is the ideal candidate for the SASI procedure?
1- An obese patient with a body mass index above 35 or 30 with other chronic diseases.
2- An obese patient who has not succeeded in losing weight through traditional methods such as diet and exercise.
3- An obese patient between the ages of 16-65.
4- An obese patient with type 2 diabetes.
5- An obese patient who has difficulty committing to taking vitamins after bariatric surgeries.

5 advantages guaranteed by the SASI procedure:
1- Solving the problem of obesity, as the obese patient reaches their ideal weight within a year of the surgery.
2- Curing type 2 diabetes by up to 90%.
3- Recovery and getting rid of the exhausting complications of obesity, such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heart diseases, and bone and joint diseases.
4- No need to take vitamins for long periods after the surgery.
5- The procedure is performed laparoscopically, which offers many advantages that we will list for you now.

Laparoscopy in bariatric surgeries... a breakthrough and comfort for the patient:
In the past, bariatric surgeries were performed with open surgery, which means a large abdominal incision, followed by many complications. Now, thanks to medical advancements, all surgeries are performed laparoscopically except for some minor exceptions. Laparoscopy provides the patient with many advantages, such as:
1- Laparoscopy is performed with a very small incision, which gives a better aesthetic abdominal shape.
2- A small incision means much less pain than traditional surgeries.
3- Excellent results due to magnification in laparoscopy.
4- A very short recovery period, after which the patient returns to his normal life.
5- Only one day stay in the hospital.

How can I choose a suitable bariatric surgeon for the SASI procedure in Egypt?
Choosing your bariatric surgeon to perform the SASI procedure is one of the most important steps in the procedure, which will determine the success of the surgery and the achievement of your dream of safely losing weight without complications. So take your time choosing and reading our website, you will find the most competent bariatric surgeons in Egypt.

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