Mini Gastric Sleeve

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Mini Gastric Sleeve
What is the Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure?
Patient comfort and satisfaction are the main focus of bariatric surgeries, so they are rapidly evolving and advancing.
After the laparoscopy revolution in bariatric surgeries, many modern techniques have emerged that give obese patients a distinctive aesthetic look after the procedure. As a result, bariatric surgeries can be performed without visible scars.
One of the most important of these techniques is the mini gastric sleeve procedure. It is a procedure that involves the usual gastric sleeve but without visible scars. The procedure is carried out using very precise, specialized surgical tools that do not exceed 2 millimeters in diameter. As a result, it leaves very small wounds, not exceeding 2 millimeters in size, which disappear after they heal.
Distinctive benefits of Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy:
Be happy if the mini sleeve gastrectomy procedure is suitable for you after your doctor's discussion. It is a procedure full of benefits that you will get, such as:
1- A weight loss procedure without visible scars.
2- A surgical procedure without pain due to the very small size of the wounds.
3- A very short recovery period.
4- A procedure that will eliminate obesity and its exhausting complications.
5- Excellent results.
6- Less damage to the tissues surrounding the surgical site due to the precision of the surgical tools and their small diameter.
7- A one-day hospital stay after the procedure.
Not every bariatric surgeon can perform the Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy:
Modern techniques for bariatric surgeries are not as easy as regular laparoscopic surgeries. For example, a mini sleeve gastrectomy requires precision and long experience in bariatric surgeries.
Therefore, if you intend to undergo a mini sleeve gastrectomy to beat obesity without visible scars, you must search carefully for a skilled surgeon who can perform it for you. MedTripFinder guarantees a team of the most skilled bariatric surgeons in Egypt who have many success stories in these surgeries that are proof of their excellence.
After Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy, you will search for scars and not find them!
We will not exaggerate if we tell you that you will search hard for scars and their traces after Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy for obesity treatment and not find them. Yes, this procedure depends on using very precise tools that leave scars that are not visible to the naked eye due to their tiny size. Therefore, we invite you to enjoy the latest medical advancement in eliminating obesity without visible scars.
Is the Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy a painful procedure?
You may know, dear reader, that some criteria affect the pain factor after bariatric surgeries, including:
1- The surgeon's experience in performing the procedure is a fundamental factor in the patient's pain after the procedure.
2- The technique and surgical tools used in the procedures.
3- The size of the wound made during the procedure.
4- The skill of the anesthesia team.
5- The use of a pain relief device for patients after the surgery. It is an electronic device installed in the cannula after the procedure to gradually deliver the painkiller to the patient by simply pressing a button. It is programmed with specific amounts of analgesics according to the prescribed doses. This device reduces pain until it becomes almost nonexistent after the surgery.
How can I choose a suitable bariatric surgeon for Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy in Egypt?
As we mentioned earlier, Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy is not an easy procedure for surgeons, as it requires extreme experience and skill to perform the surgery using surgical tools with high precision.
On the MedTripFinder website, we guarantee bariatric surgeons who have a track record of success in these precise surgeries.
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