Bikini Line Gastric Sleeve

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Bikini Line Gastric Sleeve

What is the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy?
The Bikini Line Sleeve is one type of sleeve gastrectomy, a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the stomach without leaving any visible wounds, just two small incisions at the bikini line or what's known as the Cesarean section line below the abdomen, in addition to a small opening at the navel where a camera is inserted to access the stomach.

Learn about the difference between the traditional sleeve gastrectomy and the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy:
The traditional Sleeve Gastrectomy in Egypt is performed through 4-5 surgical openings through which the laparoscopic tools are inserted to perform the surgery. These openings are very small in size, not exceeding 1 cm, but they leave visible surgical scars in the abdominal area.
On the other hand, the Bikini Sleeve follows the same steps as the traditional sleeve gastrectomy but through only two small incisions below the abdomen and an opening in the navel area. It is considered more difficult for the surgeon than the traditional sleeve gastrectomy.
The Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy and Medical Tourism in Egypt... two sides of the same coin!
You may be surprised by this title, but it's true. The Bikini Sleeve has become a factor in attracting medical tourism to Egypt, as it is increasingly popular due to the advantages it offers to obese patients. It eliminates their exhausting weight problem, gives them a distinctive aesthetic shape, and makes the procedure a private matter between them and their doctor.
You can browse and see how many foreign patients have visited Egypt specifically to undergo this surgery, as Egyptian bariatric surgeons have become famous for their skill in performing it.
The surgeon's skill is the cornerstone of the success of the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy:
Bikini Sleeve Gastrectomy is considered a difficult surgery that requires exceptional skill, precision, and experience. Its difficulty arises from performing it through two small incisions below the abdomen, while the stomach and intestines are located above the abdomen, which requires a high level of surgical expertise, specialized and long surgical tools, as well as specific criteria in the patient who is eligible for it.
Is the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy the right choice for me?
Bikini Sleeve Gastrectomy is not suitable for obese patients with excessive obesity or who have undergone previous abdominal surgeries.

On the other hand, the Bikini Line Gastric sleeve is the best choice in these cases:
People who got, after surgical incisions, prominent scars that are unacceptable to them, especially those with wheat-colored skin.
People who seek beauty and want to undergo weight-loss surgery without visible wounds.
Those who do not want to tell anyone about their weight-loss surgery.
Information about the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy:
The surgery takes only 40 minutes.
The patient stays in the hospital for only one day after the surgery.
The recovery period is very short, and the patient can return to his daily activities within a few days. Many foreign patients have been able to travel to their countries after the surgery in just four days.
How can I choose a suitable bariatric surgeon for the Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy in Egypt?
If you are sure that the Bikini Sleeve is the right surgery for you, then you need to choose a suitable surgeon to perform it, as such surgeries require medical and technical skills and previous experience.
By visiting the MedTripFinder website, you can ensure the presence of competent and distinguished Egyptian bariatric surgeons.

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