Gastric Balloon

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Gastric Balloon
These days, there are many medical advancements in the field of bariatric surgeries, where doctors are striving to find the best and safest ways to eliminate obesity. Obesity has become a widespread disease, affecting both men and women, not only destroying their health but also affecting their psychological well-being. People who suffer from obesity often search for different ways to get rid of it, such as following various diets but the results may not be satisfactory, leading to frustration and despair. Obesity also poses severe health risks, such as, heart disease, diabetes, joint inflammation, and other life-threatening diseases. Therefore, people tend to undergo bariatric surgeries, which offer a variety of opportunities to get rid of obesity effectively. In this article, we will talk about the gastric balloon procedure, one of the bariatric surgeries.

About the gastric balloon procedure:
The gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure, where a deflated balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth and then filled with a specific liquid solution under endoscopic guidance. The balloon remains in the stomach for six to nine months. During this period, the weight starts to decrease rapidly because the balloon occupies a large space in the stomach, reducing the usual food intake, and making the person feel full quickly, which leads the body to burn excess accumulated fat.

In detail, the steps of the gastric balloon procedure are as follows:
The anesthesiologist begins by applying a partial anesthetic and a sedative to prevent the esophagus from contracting during the endoscope insertion.
The second step is inserting the deflated balloon into the stomach through the mouth using the endoscope.
The third step is filling the balloon with a sterile solution through a catheter.
The fourth and final step is removing the catheter and the endoscope once the balloon has settled in the stomach.

The procedure is now completed. The doctor usually advises the patient to stay in the hospital for a few hours to ensure his health stability, and the patient is usually discharged on the same day.

How to prepare for the procedure?
Here are some important tips to follow before undergoing the procedure:
Necessary tests, X-rays, and examinations are performed to ensure your health status before the procedure.
The doctor examines the digestive system to ensure its health and the absence of any ulcers.
You must fast for a specific number of hours before the procedure, as determined by the doctor.

What to do after the procedure?
Here are some important points that the doctor advises you to follow after the procedure:
Adhere to a specific diet, especially during the first period after the procedure.
It is recommended to continue this healthy eating habit even after the balloon is removed from the stomach to maintain your health.
If you experience any side effects, do not hesitate to consult your doctor to avoid any complications.

What are the benefits of the gastric balloon procedure?
The gastric balloon procedure has several benefits, such as:
It is a simple procedure that does not require surgery.
It has a significant weight loss effect.
The procedure only requires partial anesthesia, not general anesthesia.
The procedure is relatively short.

What are the complications of the gastric balloon procedure?
Like any medical procedure, the gastric balloon procedure has both benefits and potential complications. The following are the possible complications:
Patients may experience discomfort in the digestive system and nausea after the procedure.
The balloon material may irritate the stomach lining, leading to ulcers and stomach pain in some cases.
The balloon may puncture, causing it to lose its effectiveness and leading to the failure of the procedure.
Rarely, if the balloon punctures, it may deflate and cause intestinal blockage.

How to choose the doctor who will perform the gastric balloon procedure?
Choosing the right doctor for the gastric balloon procedure is crucial. To ensure your safety and the success of the procedure, consider the following:
Choose a doctor with extensive experience and excellent skills in bariatric surgery.
Look for a doctor with a proven surgical record of success and positive patient reviews.
Choose a doctor who has a team of specialists in all relevant fields, such as a nutritionist to help you with your diet after the procedure and a psychologist to prepare you for the procedure.
Choose a doctor who answers all your questions and explains everything you want to understand about the operation in detail.

Obesity can have serious health and psychological consequences. Don't let it control your life. Bariatric surgery has evolved to help you fight this enemy. Your health is a blessing from God, and you should take care of it.
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